Saturday, 6 October 2012

West Kimberley Action

Next day we headed out of Silent Grove, with Matt taking the typical 4WD and camper travelling shots.  Slim put on his best angles when required, as did the now named ‘Red Rocket’ (camper).

We had decided to bypass one of our most favoured gorges and waterfalls, Leonard River Gorge.  To see this gorge there is a bit of a walk, with scrambling and climbing, through some hot country.  We had found out from the Silent Grove Ranger that the falls were not flowing at all.  The combination of this, the heat, and having to get the girls there, meant we sailed on past with a wave.  Will have to go back there next time!

We made for Windjana Gorge, a popular spot in the West Kimberley.  This is a huge and very impressive gorge with a permanent waterhole.  Windjana also boasts having the most concentrated gaggle of fresh water crocs, (wonder what the ‘collective’ of crocs are).  Hate those quizzes.

We setup, had a cuppa, and kicked back watching the range change colours in front of us.  Matt and Rory continued to practice their didge.  They were getting quite good by now, and Matt had already picked up the basics of the circular breathing.  Impressive, and definitely not a retard! J
About to set up home for the night at Windjana Gorge
Savannah keeps surprising us with how observant and on the ball she is.  She had done this a number of times before, where a 4WD was idling past, and she would call out that it sounded just like Slim.  She was dead right, and they were not always 100 Series cruisers either.  Smart cookie!

The next morning we did the walk up the gorge, spotting around 13 fresh water crocs.  It was great for Savannah and Jess to see these so close.  They’ll know what their looking for elsewhere!  We had packed up before the walk, and given the next day was Amy’s birthday, wanted to make for a campspot we had spent some time at last trip, RAAF Boab Quarry.
Croc spotting at Windjana Gorge

We set out on the walk before the heat of the day

Beautiful green water - more croc spotting


On the way, we stopped in at Tunnel Creek.  A really interesting place where you walk through an underground tunnel, having to wade through water at times, and hope you don’t come across any freshies, or disturb the bats that are hanging around.  When you round the corner of the tunnel, a huge opening appears where the roof had caved in, and light streams in.  Lots of fun, and the girls loved the ‘adventure’.  We reckon this is one they will remember.

We needed our torches at Tunnel Creek

It was nice in cool inside the tunnel - outside a different story
We then drove to the campspot.  In the hot afternoon sun, the place resembled... well... a quarry.  It was quite open, and more than quite hot!  The waterhole was still there, but shade was pretty hard to find.  We ummed and arrred for a little while about staying, but given the other options, it was the best.  Strangely enough, as we had seen at the Grotto, as soon as you setup your camper, put up your own shade, and put the kettle on, it can easily feel like ‘home’. 
Very hot, but home for the next 2 nights
Nestled in amongst some small trees, we settled into our normal routines, and made sure we had a dip to cool off.

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