Saturday, 6 October 2012

Harry and George

Harry was a Wallaby.  He was a Wallaby that loved to have a good time, and was always on the lookout for fun.

He was hopping through the bush one day, seeing what he could find, when we hopped over a hill.  What he saw was a big red camper and a silver car.  There were two little girls playing around the camper, one with brown straight hair, one with blonde curly hair.

He could see the girls racing around on two bright pink bikes without pedals.  These were those new balance bikes he had heard about!!!!!  It looked SOOOOOO much fun, as the girls scooted and squealed around the campsite.

He knew he couldn’t wander in and have a go right then, so he hopped away to look for his friend George.

“George, George, you’ll never guess what fun thing I’ve found!!!!!” he squeaked excitedly.  “I have seen two girls riding their pink bikes.  They look like SOOOOO much fun.  Let’s try to ride them tonight!!!!!”

So they waited until it was dark, and the family was safely tucked up in bed.  George and Harry hopped quietly up to the camper.

“The girls have left the bikes laying around, WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!  Let’s go!” whispered Harry. 

The two wallabies wheeled the bikes over to a clear spot, and they climbed on. 

“Let’s go Harry, good luck!” said George.

They both pushed off..... and.... WHOOOOSSSSH, off they went.  They were GREAT at riding, and they WIZZED, SCOOTED and YAAAHHOOOOED through the bush at an amazing speed.  Their two legs pushing off at once, and their heads flying forward with every thrust. 

They were having so much fun on the bikes, it was a wonder that they did not wake the little girls up who were sleeping peacefully in the camper.

Eventually, Harry and George were so tired that they had to put the bikes away, and hop off to their home.  They chatted all the way home about how much fun it would be to have these bikes for themselves.  If the girls left them out the next night, they might have to take them home.

Harry and George slept very well that night.  How much fun was THAT!


...... this was a story that Glenn told the girls sitting around the campfire way back at Lynd River, in the Gulf Country.  Every now and then it gets retold.  The girls love it, but also are not really sure about it.  Seems a bit weird, but..... errrr.. is it true???????

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