Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Early on in the piece, during our trip through western NSW, the girls had started playing ‘what’s your name’ with each other.  They rolled played, which included changing their names all the time. 

Savannah would, amazingly, come up with these convoluted, difficult, and very very long names.  They were so complicated that we couldn’t repeat them, but somehow she’s be able to.  Amazing. 

She did simplify it every now and then, coming up with regulars such as Zara, Sarah, Maurice amongst others.  On one occasion she was Maurice (we think, can’t quite remember).  Anyway, she was playing up in the back, so Glenn turned around and said “Savannah, cut it out”.  “I’m not Savannah, I’m Maurice”.  Quick as a shot, Glenn turned around and sternly said “Maurice, cut it out!!!”.  Amy and I both started cracking up in the front, trying not to let the girls see our stupid grins and giggles.

During these role plays, Jess reliably would be Alex.  We don’t know where Alex came from, but it was pretty consistent.  Jess was also a lot more adamant, when she was Alex, it WAS Alex, not Jess.  This would go on for ages, “I not Jessica, I Alex!!!”  This wasn’t just once either, it was for days.  Needless to say, she still randomly gets called Alex every now and then.

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