Saturday, 6 October 2012

Amy's Birthday

The next day was Amy’s birthday, the third running of the group.  This time it was Glenn’s turn to stump up and produce the goods.  This started with a present obtained in Kununurra, a hot pink gym top, and a coffee in bed.  We then had a big plate of bacon and eggs for brunch, which is when the real work started. 

Given the 40ish temps of the afternoon, Glenn decided to get the cake cooking done nice and early.  He started the fire with Matt’s help, mixed up the cake, and put the camp over into action.  Taking expert advice and guidance from the now master, Matt, the cake turned out an absolute treat.  Thank god!!  The previous 2 from 2 failures had been a bad lead in, but all recovered with this one.  It was devoured by all, along with a cuppa of course.

Doing it tough in a 40ish degree day

Brushing off the coals on the camp oven

The anticipation ...

Hooray!  Happy birthday!
Given that there were hot coals going begging, and some time to kill, Matt got inspired and mixed up a damper.  The recipe he had was pretty brief, but suggested 6 cups of flour.  This meant that it was huge by the time it was mixed up.  Given the size, this bad boy took a bit of attention, and time, to finally cook through.  When we got around to pulling it out, it was even bigger, and had a certain... umm.. weight to it.  In the cutting, it was lovely, and tasty, and....... heavy.  It rightly earned the name, the “Texan Dumper”.

Time for damper ... or the 'Texan Dumper'
Amy managed to sneak in a solo swim that afternoon as well whilst Glenn cooked a roast lamb, which was beyond delicious.  Life’s pretty good really!!

Crazy lunies camped at Raaf Boab Quarry

Our friend Rory practicing the didg

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