Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Menindee to Bourke

We had planned to stay at kinchega national park near Menindee, but it was still flooded.  But we found fantastic bush camping along Lake Menindee, at the Top Lakes.  It was great Fun swimming in the lake, although the water was cold. 

Overnight stop in a caravan park in broken hill to restock and refresh.  

Onto Mutawintji National Park, which we had been to on another trip so we wanted to go back and spend more time.  The girls had their first bush walk since starting this trip and they didn't do too badly.  Jess wasn't so keen on staying in the 'back pack' for long but Savannah showed us her bush walking skills.  Of course though, Savannah wanted to be in the back pack and Jess wanted to walk, so it was slow going at times.

We spent mothers day at Mutawintji so Glenn cooked a campfire roast with a lovely bottle of red. And it was a great night to sit out under the stars by the fire once the kids had gone to bed.

While at Mutawintji we met a lovely older couple who the kids gravitated to. They had 8 grand kids back at home so our kids were making them feel 'at home' as they said.  So it was a somewhat sociable camp.

Roadside stop north of wilcannia, which was a very popular spot for caravans but we were keen to get out of there the next morning.

We hadn't long set out on our day's journey when we came across a truck which had rolled on its side into a roadside ditch. The first on scene, Amy called the emergency services on the satellite phone, while Glenn pulled the driver from the cabin.  THANK GOD he was fine, albeit very shaken.

Gundabooka national park was a great camp to pull into after a big day.  Another beautiful park, we did a great walk with the kids and were able to complete it! We saw a rock waterhole and fantastic aboriginal rock art.

Bourke Kidman Camp Resort was next and the caravan park had 2 gorgeous pools, which were FREEZING, but we still had to swim in them.  Looking forward to warmer weather and warmer water.

Repairing the Dozer

Glenn spent the day helping Amy's cousin Shane repair his D9 dozer, at Dulacca (near Roma). The family brought along smoko and had a play in the stones and sand.

Qld Cattle Station

A fantastic couple of days on a 430,000acre cattle station managed by Amy's cousin. The farm is about 3 hours west of Charleville. Amazing scenery. Thanks Dale and Amanda for your generous hospitality.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

An interesting start to our morning

After an early get away from our overnight stop, Amy noticed a truck on its side in the ditch on the road to Cobar. We didn't really believe it to start with, but turned around and pulled up to see a guy trying to get out of the cabin. We both kicked into gear with Amy calling the emergency services on our Sat phone and Glenn checking out the driver.
Thank goodness he was ok and Glenn helped him out of the cabin.

Very lucky boy!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rock Art at Gundabooka

Gundabooka is a great national park 60km south of Bourke. The whole family managed the walk to the rock art. Beautiful scenery. The kids first taste of Aboriginal rock paintings. We spent 2 nights in the peaceful camp ground.

Holiday Queens

Do you think they are getting used to the good life? A quick snap at an awesome caravan park in Bourke.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fun in the Sand at Mutawintji

Playing in the sand / dirt at Mutawintji National Park, near Broken Hill. And then it was time for a ride.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Camping on Lake Menindee

Life is pretty good having 5's looking out at the sunset over the lake.

Are we There Yet?

Final goodbye to the official start of our holiday and now we are trekking off into the 'real' part of our camping adventure. A big day of driving to Wagga Wagga and freezing when we arrived!  Less then two degrees overnight and ice on the camper when we woke up. Imagine us standing outside the camper having our breakfast and we could not feel our toes or fingers!
An overnight camp near Hay then onto Balranand for supplies and clothes washing in the local laundromat. Already !

Great to be heading into outback NSW and big horizons. Destination - Mungo NP. Such an amazing place to visit. We had a look through the historic Woodshed, 'pirate ship' (also known as a viewing platform but perhaps more aptly named by Savannah), the lunettes (or 30km wall of sand dunes), a short walk (short not by choice, as you can imagine with two restless kids) and playing in the sand dunes.
It is so Great to see the kids spotting 'emoos', kangaroos and the moon. Magical Full moon while at Mungo. The emu has become a bit of a theme to our trip so far. Many, many repeats of John Williamson's 'Old Man Emu' song while driving in the car.
Thank goodness for play dough , cars and bubbles for quiet times while in camp.
The temperature has started to slowly warm up, but we are getting the hang of sleeping in cold temps overnight.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

An A+ Welcome in Tuross

Cold beer on arrival, a bottle of red, sun chair and road atlas to plan our next move. Now this has really set a bench mark for welcoming weary travelers.   A great opportunity for Glenn and his Dad to finish off the last few jobs on the car and camper, to set us up for the rest of the trip.

Gran and Poppy had a great time showing the kids the possums, cooking fruit cakes, bike riding, playing in the beach and fish and chips at the local boat shed -  what a great spot.

Jindabyne and Sunshine

Arriving in Jindabyne, it was great to see sunshine and catch up with 
 Bec , Sasha, Zara and Zac.  We still didn't get to crack open the camper because we were staying in their house. Going soft? 

They took us to see their house they are building in Jindabyne - very impressive - more like a conference centre. :)  Amazing views of the snow capped mountains. Looking forward to visiting next time in their gorgeous new house. 

Salmon Rocks in Marlo, before we reached Jindabyne