Monday, 23 April 2012

Ready to Go

Things have been pretty hectic over the last couple of days since finishing work. Packing for 8 months of non-urban, independent travel is nearly as hard as it sounds, especially with two little rug rats. Lots of food, clothes, kids entertainment, more food, etc. Is it wrong that under the kids car seats provide sensational hidey holes for bottles of wine as well????

We were pretty much ok to leave today (Tuesday), but couldn’t leave without seeing out friends Gabby and Brett’s new baby, Blake. Planning to see them today!!!

From home, planning to head towards Glenn’s Mum and Dad’s in Turross Head, with a couple of nights stop over and taking a breath in Marlo, near Orbost (East Victoria).

Given Melbourne’s top temperature today is something like 15 degrees, it’s definitely time to scoot.....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

In Training for lots of Bushwalking

Cut and Polish

We spent Easter pulling apart the car's interior and now it's free of dust, crumbs and stuff we don't need.  And after a scrub and polish, the car is ready for red dust!  Another two weeks and we will (hopefully) be on the road!

Starting to pack

We really must be getting close now - starting to pack clothes.  Warmer clothes for the first month or so, and then shorts and t-shirts here we come!