Sunday, 7 October 2012

Broome - the Extensions

We were due to leave Broome on the Tuesday, however we had decided that the kids were having too much fun playing together, and we were really in no hurry to leave.  We also had the incentive of having another birthday to celebrate, Kaylen’s 7th birthday on the Thursday.  We extended our stay until Friday.

Kaylen’s birthday was another great day in Broome.  Given the lack of a fire, Matt and Deb bought her a cake from Woolies, which also tasted fantastic.  There was thankfully no sweating over a fire involved this time.  We enjoyed another swim in the fantastic park’s pool.  Getting our value out of that.
Happy Birthday Kaylen!
Birthday dinner for Kaylen was fish and chips down at Cable Beach.  We all headed down for another early play on the beach, which the kids couldn’t get enough of.  They did have to avoid the red jelly fish that were lying dead on the beach.  A bit of an onslaught of them. 

To get the fish and chips, strangely, we had to go back into Broome.  There was no local takeaway at Cable Beach, just cafes and restaurants.  Funny given it is such a popular thing to do.  We were a bit blown away by the cost of our dinner, for Amy, Glenn and the two kids, a whopping $70!!!  The big killer was 4 pieces of fish, each being $10.  Each piece was huge, and we definitely didn’t eat them all.  We’ve decided we need to enquire when ordering over the phone how much a piece is, and how big it is.  Sometimes you get a scrawny little portion, and sometimes, like this one, you get a half a whale each.  They were delicious, and enjoyed even more whilst watching another impressive sunset.  Love Broome.

Then came Friday.  We had done our extension, and time was marching on.  The thing we do on this trip is move from place to place.  Lots to see, lots to do.  Glenn’s birthday (his 40th) was in 3 days, and so we’d decided to push hard and drive back across a lot of the Kimberley, via the bitumen, and get into the Bungle Bungles in WA.  The Toomey’s were all pretty sad with the concept of us splitting, we’d definitely been having a great time together. 

So Friday morning, we initiated the normal pack up process.  Amy cleaned and packed up inside the camper while Glenn got the breakfast ready and fed the kids.  We’d also started a few of the other jobs when we started talking, just ‘checking in’ with each other.  “Do we really want to go?”  “We could stay I guess, what would be wrong with that?”  “So what’s the pro’s and con’s?”

This went on for 15 minutes all so, sitting by our camper sipping on a cup of coffee.  After a bit of too and froing, we made the call.  Why not stay in Broome, enjoy Glenn’s 40th there, in the comfort, maybe go out for dinner, and complete the 5th party celebration with our little group!

When Deb wandered over to see what was happening, everything seeming a little on the go-slow, it took us 5 minutes to convince her that we actually weren’t going, and they were stuck with us for another few days.  Time for a cuppa!!!!

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