Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chambers Pillar

We finally rolled out of Alice, having really enjoyed all our activities there. 

We headed south down the highway, first stopping in at Rainbow Valley, which we both viewed from the car.  The girls were fast asleep (a rare, but important event when it happens), so we didn’t want to wake them.  We then make our way to Chambers Pillar, a fair trek on dirt roads to get to.
Castle Rock as our backdrop - our home for 2 nights & all to ourselves
When we got there, we found that we had it to ourselves.  VEEEEERRRY SPECIAL.  We setup camp, had an early dinner, and then went for an evening walk to the sunset viewing area.  Chambers Pillar is a pillar of sandstone which towers 50 metres above the surrounding plain. John McDouall Stuart, heading north on his earliest attempt to cross Australia, first recorded the pillar in April 1860 and named it after James Chambers, one of his South Australian sponsors.
Iconic shots, but they are our own


The sunset colours were well worth the short walk, all highlighted by the setting sun. 

We went to bed with the weather being warm and still.  We woke with it being cold and windy.  The predicted cold change had come through, and brought with it a whole bunch of wind.  It was a hangout at camp day, so we donned our jackets and walked back to the Pillar, this time doing the short climb up to the base.  The girls had to hang on to avoid being blown over and down.  They managed fine, although Glenn had to rescue Jess’s headband which was lying precariously on the sloping rock.

Glenn remembered coming here as a kid, on a family holiday.  It was so hot then that by the time the family made the sandwiches for lunch, the bread had turned to toast.  Mum and his sisters thought it was tooooo hot to walk, so he and his Dad clambered up the rocks and checked out the base.  It was interesting, but not all that unexpected, that there were now stairs, handrails, and boardwalks.  Standing on the boardwalk, it looked like a steep clamber.  Wow we were good to have been able to do that!

After our little walking adventure, we did something we’d planned to do nearly all trip.  We all climbed into the camper, laid on our double bed, and all watched a movie together.  The wind buffeted outside, but we didn’t care, and Toy Story 2 kept us all amused, well, except Jess who eventually fell asleep.  Was a hoot though, will have to try to do it again! J

That night, we couldn’t resist doing the sunset walk again.  It was a great after dinner stroll, with views to reward us.  Loved it.
Watching the sunset

A little bit of hollywood comes to Chambers Pillar

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