Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fremantle - What a Cracker!!

On the Wednesday, we planned to go and visit Fremantle.  We loved it last time we were there, so it would be good to have another look.  The day ended up being one absolutely out of the box.  It was fairly atypical for our trip, but how amazing!

We started the morning with a sleep in and then a coffee sitting in our living room.  Rather than the typical cereal, we cooked up a humungous bacon and egg breakfast, complete with tomatoes, mushrooms and even some toasted damper, left over from cooking the day before.  What a feast!

From there, with tummies bursting, we drove the 30 mins down to Freemantle.  The sun was shining again and the water looked brilliant blue as we cruised along the esplanade.  We parked and went for a walk up to Market Street.  Glenn was keen to check out a didgeridoo shop he’d heard about, which was one of the most impressive we’d seen.  He tried a bunch of didg’s, as well as giving the girls a turn.  They were being entertained however by a couple of guys jamming in the corner. VERY impressive playing!  Glenn resisted all temptations and we left without a purchase.  Could have done some damage in there though!

We were keen to find an Italian Cafe we’d been in last time, which we eventually hunted down thank goodness.  Gino’s is a well known spot in Fremantle and coffee there is not just a beverage, it’s an experience.  A couple of coffees and muffins topped us up again, whilst sitting there soaking in the hip and happ’n Fremantle vibe.  We were in the place to be! J
Outside Gino's in Fremantle

One of THE best coffees
We walked back down towards the water and let the girls loose on the huge playground there.  Great place to work off your ‘wigglely woos’.  We also spotted the ferris wheel.  This was something we’d never done and wouldn’t again in a hurry.  We were on holidays after all.  The girls had a great time, checking out all the things they could look down on and watching the other carriages follow them.  It was interesting for us to note how Savannah had come a long way.  She would have in the past been riddled with fear doing something new and different like this.  All good now.
First time ferris wheel

After another play in the playground, it was time for the adults... well, sort of.  We walked across to Little Creatures Brewery, a micro-brewery on the waters edge.  This is an amazing place, just perfect for sitting out in the sunshine sucking beers down.  We had been given the word on the sandpit out the back for the girls, which was heaven.  Mum and Dad sat around soaking up the sun, vibe and beers, whilst the girls entertained themselves in the pit.  A big bowl of hot chips were mandatory to complete the picture.  Honestly, does it get any better?
Mum & Dad drink beer while the children quietly play - bliss

Not sure why this photo is here - but it was taken at Little Creatures Brewery
On the way back to the camper, Glenn did pay the price for all his fun.  He was BUSTING.... the kind of busting where you can’t talk, you can’t think..... you are so busy jiggling.  The emergency stopping lane on the freeway was looking like a great option for a while there.  Gotta hate that!

The day was topped off by a lovely, easy home cooked meal of spaghetti meatballs and a red wine.  What a cracker!!!!

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