Monday, 15 October 2012

A Family Week in Alice

We quickly settled into catch-ups, cuppa’s, and chats with the whole family.  Our new site was perfectly close to the unit, and also near enough to the facilities and playground.  A big spaghetti bog was sorted out for dinner, and the drinks started.
Lots to catch up on
It was great to share with the whole family a little slice of our trip, and to show them how we were set up, and our day to day life on the road, albeit this being the caravan version of it.

We spent the next couple of days just hanging out.  The cousins had a great time on the playgrounds, jumping pillows, bicycle go-carts, and eventually the pool.

The first couple of days were freezing, so much so that one day Glenn actually replaced his shorts with long pants, something he hadn’t worn for about 6 months!!!  Was a very weird feeling having material flapping around your legs.  Didn’t like it!

By mid week, it did warm up though, which is when the swimming started.

Everyone couldn’t get over our tans, compared to their pasty white Melbourne winter skin.  They were definitely soaking up the rays in Alice.

On Sunday mornings, the park puts on free pancakes!!!  We made sure we were front and centre and they were sensational.  A few of us managed to stuff down three huge pancakes, which were definitely filling!  We then ventured into town to visit the markets.  A great wander, and a few choice purchases, including some lovely art by Kaz & Andy.
Pancakes.  And what's deal with the jackets?!
Our brother-in-law Andy, had to return to Melbourne on Monday, ready for work on Tuesday.  It was sad to have one of the ‘possy’ go home, and he had enjoyed being up in Alice for a few days.  Was definitely better to have come up for those few days rather than not at all, but we all would have rather he didn’t go.  We even accidently served a plate up for him at dinner that night!!!
A big breaky cooked by Poppy and Andrew

The go carts were great fun
The team did the Alice Springs Desert Park on the Tuesday, which was a great wander.  It did contain a few ‘rocks and crud’ as one of the more interested in our group commented, but definitely a lot to learn.  The birds of prey show was also worth a look. 

On the Wednesday, Glenn and his Dad took time off from holidaying and lined up to do a service on Slim, which also included having to change the rear brake pads.  The general service went without a hitch, but the brake pads took quite a while.  It was hot and dusty work, but in the end the job was done, and timed well, given the rear pads were pretty much gone.

On Thursday before everyone had to leave the next day, we did a family outing to Ellery Big Hole.  This is a large rockhole in the West MacDonald Ranges, great for swimming, and a beautiful view.  The water was absolutely freezing, being such a deep waterhole, but most still braved it, especially the kids of course.  Glenn blew up a spare tube to help with some floating around, and exploring the other side. 
The cousins

The climactic conclusion was dinner on the Thursday night.  We had lucked onto a local Italian restaurant in town which looked the goods.  We all piled into the place and setup for a feast.  The food ended up being absolutely delicious, with a mix of breads, pastas and pizzas.  Perfect for a family gathering.  More than one or two drinks were guzzled as appropriate of course.  A few were interested in dessert, of which there was either ice-cream or vanilla slice.  When the vanilla slice came, it caused quite a stir.  This was no ordinary slice.  Even those who don’t like snot blocks were salivating over this one.  The waitress was requested for some extra plates by those that had been inspired!  What a night.
Friday was leaving day.  The surprise and holiday week was complete.  It was sad to see everyone pile through the gates at the airport, but outstanding memories of the visit, and a great catchup during our 8 month trip.  Thanks family for your huge efforts, and celebrations with us.  Thanks Amy for co-ordinating the unco-ordinatable, and thanks Glenn for turning 40, and being such a fabulous, amazing guy, worth celebrating with!!!!  (Side note – Glenn, I don’t think you’re meant to talk about yourself in this way.)
The original 'Annetts' crew on Anzac Hill

Thanks guys - we loved every minute of it!

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