Friday, 12 October 2012

Glenn's 40th

It was pretty easy to soak up the two days before Glenn’s birthday on the Sunday.  We had another look at the Saturday markets, and then we hunted out the Fat Tree Cafe for brunch, which was delicious.  We then took a little trip out of town to the Bird Observatory, looking out over Roebuck Bay.  It was pretty hot, so hard to do any of the big walks, but we wandered down a short path, and looked out over the bay. 
The scenery was one of the typical 'blue on blue' scenes - amazing
It was pretty interesting to see all the bird life and reading that this area was quite significant for migratory birds.  There were birds that came from all over the world to this one area.  It also had over 40% of all Australian bird species in this one area.  We did not expect any of that.

On Sunday morning, the kids jumped up into our bed, as usual, and Glenn got some big birthday hugs.  He got a lovely boab tree necklace, (a sneaky purchase from Kununurra), and also a photo slideshow DVD.  Amy passed Glenn the DVD saying, “This is your life”.  We watched it and laughed at all the photos of Glenn.  Great memories.

We got up and drove straight down to Cable Beach.  We took a great stroll up the beach, passing a string of camels waiting to take people on a morning ride.  The girls definitely know what a camel is now!

Camels getting ready for their morning walk along Cable Beach
We then set ourselves up at one of the cafe / restaurants for breakfast.  Whooooooooah, what a lovely big breakfast, with a view to die for.  Special!!
A great excuse for a fancy breakfast
When we got back to camp, Glenn actually threw caution to the wind, and attempted to cook his birthday cake in the camp over, ON GAS!!!!  This was a high level of difficulty, but the rewards would be great!

Cutting a long story short, it worked perfectly.  “TAAA DAAAAA!!!”  The trick was keeping the lid hot.  Wow, it tasted great. 
A great cake cooked on gas!  Happy birthday Glenno!
After some more swimming, more cuppa’s, and general hanging out, we gave the kids dinner, and then were VERY lucky to go out for dinner, just the two of us!!!!  The meal was ok, nothing special, but being out, lovely place, nice weather, and nice chats.  Was VERY memorable!

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