Friday, 12 October 2012

We Finally Leave Broome

This time, for real, we actually did packup, and we actually did stick to our plan and leave Broome.  It was definitely sad saying goodbye to the Toomey’s.  It is pretty unique to find people you don’t mind travelling with, especially for what ended up being 5 weeks!!!!  Again, Toomey’s, if your reading this, we didn’t enjoy it, it was just convenient for us, for some reason.  Must have been your magnetic personalities!!! J

Savannah filling up Slim with drinking water

Goodbye Cable Beach sunset

Great travelling with you Toomeys.  It was an awesome 5 weeks together

That day, we did the trek eastward, travelling around 4-500kms.  The day wasn’t that big a struggle, and we pulled into a roadside stop south of Fitzroy Crossing.  We were treated to a lovely sunset whilst eating dinner. 

Home for the night at Ngumpan Cliff, a free overnight camp

We had to get used to travelling solo again


The next morning we got up early, and surprised ourselves by being out of camp around 7.30.  Impressive!!!  We hadn’t lost it (after being dragged down by Matt and Deb!)

That was where things got interesting, again.  We were driving towards Halls Creek when a 4WD and caravan coming towards us started to wobble and swerve on their side of the road.  After we had passed them, we looked into the rear view mirror to see that they had ROLLED!!  Errrk, that wasn’t suppose to happen.

We kicked into gear, again. Glenn got on the UHF and warned a truck coming the other way, towards the rollover.  The guy from the rollover then jumped on the UHF asking us to call the police.  Glenn was able to determine that all in the car was fine, and no injuries.  After calling the police and providing all details, we turned around and Glenn hopped out to help.

We were first on scene ... again!

They had sold their home only a few months earlier
It's amazing that no one was hurt
The couple, with a young 5 year old kid, were all fine, if not a little shaken up.  The woman had been driving, and being a bit inexperienced, had touched the breaks when the van started to wobble.  Big mistake.  They had sold their house, and purchased this van only a few months earlier.  This was all they had.

Luckily it was all insured, and no-one was injured!!!  We hung around for a while, looking after the little girl whilst they tried to recover some of their belongings.  We headed off once the police had turned up, and we’d given them all our details.

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