Monday, 15 October 2012

Right...we were we?

After everyone had left on Friday, it was back to just us.  The 4 of us.  Remember, big holiday, tripping around, not in Melbourne.  Ohhh yeah, that’s it.

We had been ignoring our jobs during the week, so it was time to catch up.  We had to do our normal huge shop for the next phase, and re-set the car and camper.

From the airport, we went and had lunch, then drove into the shopping car park.  Sitting there, early afternoon, very hot, and a little tired, we drew on our experience and common sense, and aborted!!!  We’d do the shopping early the next morning, when we and the girls were a little fresher.  On the way home, we did want to tick off at least one job, so filled the car up.

As we were leaving the servo, across the road was a shed with a sign for Aboriginal Art, direct from the Studio.  When we bought the house in Eltham, the previous owners had a huge piece of art in the entry, as soon as you opened the front door.  It was very striking, and made a great impact.  Ever since, we had been hoping one day to get something similar.  It was a huge struggle to get out and make ourselves look, but hey, we are here now!

In the gallery, the guy was very helpful.  We wandered and flicked for a bit, and got talking to him.  We gave him an idea of what we wanted, and he started pulling artwork out from the piles, and then from the back room.  He must have pulled out more than 2 dozen pieces for us to look at.  We were eventually inspired by two pieces, and after a huge deliberation, settled on a piece from George Ward.  It was going to look great on our wall, but wow, what an unexpected purchase!

All that activity deserved an afternoon of hanging out in the pool.  Very much welcomed by all of us.

On Saturday, we did go and do that shopping, which was much easier given how refreshed we were.  The girls played while Glenn did his normal ‘how do I fit this all in’ routine.  There were a few more jobs to do on the car and camper, which pretty much saw the day out.  We did sneak back to the Italian restaurant that night for a second bash at the food, and of course that vanilla slice!!

We had originally planned to leave on the Sunday and go down to Chambers Pillar.  This was south of Alice in the middle of the desert area.  The prediction for Sunday and Monday around Alice was to be 38 – 39 degrees.  We had done a lot of camping up in WA with temps like this, and decided we might avoid it this time, given the choice of sitting around the pool instead.  We would leave Tuesday instead.

This meant for 2 days of lazing around, lots and lots of swimming, more pancakes on Sunday morning (awwwww... bummer huh???  Wasn’t hard to take), and a little wandering around town.  It was nice to kick back and enjoy.  We did start to feel like locals though after such a long stay.  We even started to get to know the staff.  Time to leave before roots start growing!
The girls kicking back into 'normal mode' - enjoying play dough

Jess checks Glenn's maintenance work under the camper

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