Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wow, can it really be THIS good?

We had read up about Aroona Valley and a spectacular camping spot near Aroona Ruins.  One guy described it as one of his favourite campsites in all of Australia.  Everyone’s opinion is different, but still, will have to check out this one!!

We also wanted to check out some of the other gorges along the way, so took the Bunyeroo Valley Scenic Drive.  Pretty much as soon as we’d driven off it started to drizzle.  Thank goodness we’d packed up the camper in time, hate wet canvas!

Even though it was overcast and drizzly, it still didn’t deteriorate the views of this valley.  There simply seemed to be a high, rugged and long range wherever you looked.  The rock formations were striking and to an informed geologist, would tell a 1000 stories of the past. 

We were lamenting the rain in only one way, that it stopped us being able to take some amazing photos of this area, ones that would have half a chance of doing the view justice anyway.  It did add a certain ‘mystique’ to the area and we loved the rocky, windy drive through the valley.

At the top, we turned off and found the Aroona Valley track.  It was not too long a drive, and we found ourselves in another valley, surrounded again by high red ranges.  The campground was well laid out, and even better, no-one was camped there yet.

We found a perfect site, set up, and settled back to enjoy the afternoon.  Definately time for drinks, fives, and a little kick back.  The rain had stopped by this stage, but there were definite signs of more looming weather, so we again set up the awning just in case.
Aroona Bush camp
After dinner, we decided to go for a short 150 metre walk to an abandoned hut which formed part of our campsite view.  Even though we didn’t have people camped with us, we did witness a number of cars take the drive up to the hut for a look.  It was a previous outstation in the years gone past for the pastoralists, who had tried to run 1000’s of sheep in the area.  The hut was built in the early 1900’s, so a little more modern than those stone, crumbled ruins we had been seeing.  It was constructed of a frame, wooden slates, covered in chicken wire, and then covered in mud and pug.  A comfortable looking place all things considered, and with a veranda on 3 sides, you could imagine the inhabitants sitting back enjoying the view at some stage.
'Pug and Pine' hut

Not a bad view from the Hut

As the thunder and clouds start rolling in....
We decided to head back to the camper because we were hearing more and deep rumbling from the skies again.  In fact, it became quite loud and the lightning could be seen coming over the hills as well.  This time being awake for the storm, the girls were not quite as impressed as we were.  They were more on the scared and frightened side actually. 

When we got back to the camper, the girls had developed a rare and overwhelming desire to get into their camper and into their bed “RIGHT NOWWWWW”.  We made them brush their teeth first, and then asked Savannah to do a wee before bed.  Just as she was underway, a big crackling thunderclap came from above.  I think she nearly did more than her wee right there and then.  She was up like a shot, whaling, and bolted for the camper.  Poor thing J

They settled right down in bed, no books, just bed, at times with hands over their ears.  Amazingly, they went off to sleep pretty quickly.  Figured that sleeping was the best way to make it all go away.  Later when we went to bed and a second round of thunder of lightning was about to roll through. Jess woke and in her little voice said to Amy, “Thunders coming back”.  A quick re-assure and a pat saw her back to sleep.

After having a quick look at the lightshow, and cleaning up, we decided that bed and yet another movie was our plan.  Might as well be comfortable and entertained during the deluge.  The camper stood up to it all very well.

What a day, hard to believe that these Flinders could be THIS good.  We definitely love the Kimberley, being one of our most favoured places in Australia, but this Flinders area, in a different way, rivals it.  Very lucky to be here enjoying it!

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  1. Hi, We just came across your site - good to see fellow campers! Aroona is one of our fave spots in the Flinders to camp as well. We travelled there at peak time, and it wasn't busy like, Wilpena.

    It remains a little bit of a secret! Sssshh! Don't tell anyone :)